Adult Cat With Chicken and Rice

Complete and balanced nutrition for cats.

Ensure your companion stays healthy for as long as possible. Healthy amounts of protein, sources of energy and many functional ingredients are provided by Lokuno.

Lokuno Adult Cat Food Kibble Nutrients


Healthy digestionFormulated for optimal nutrition
Highly digestible formula for your cat to receive optimal nutrition from their diets.
Supports healthy skin & coatSupports healthy skin & coat
Omega fatty acids, vitamin A and high-quality protein help support skin and coat health.
Maintain Urinary HealthHelps maintain urinary health
Cranberries provide rich, natural source of antioxidants and help maintain urinary tract health, which may reduce the likelihood of crystal formulation.
Reduce HairballsHelps reduce hairballs
Natural fibres to help support hairball reduction.
Maintain ideal body weightMaintains ideal body weight
The intake of essential nutrients together with a cat’s daily activity can help maintain an ideal body weight.
Supports healthy visionSupports healthy vision
Formulated with vitamin A and taurine for bright, healthy eyes and good vision.
Lokuno Adult Cat Kibble Ingredients

Feeding guide

These recommended amounts are for average conditions. Your cat's requirements may vary according to its breed, age, size, activity and environment. Always ensure that your cat has free access to plenty of fresh, clean water - especially during very hot weather. Any eating disorder should be referred to your cat's veterinarian without hesitation. If you require further information on feeding and care, please contact us:

Feeding guide table for Lokuno adult cat kibble food.

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Real meat.No artificial colourants or flavourants added.Made in South Africa.