No Grain Chicken Recipe

High protein diet with naturally nutrient-rich superfoods

Lokuno No Grain is packed with quality ingredients providing a protein-rich diet inspired by a dogs’ ancestral diet. Excluding grains from your dogs’ diet can prevent potential food allergens.

* All quantities shown are per 1000 grams

Lokuno No Grain Dog Food Nutrients


Supports skin & coat, skeletal, cognitive and metabolic health in the following ways:

Which is a highly digestible protein and provides dogs with amino acids (their building blocks), nutrients; and is rich in vitamins
A natural source of Beta Carotene and dietary fibre that supports visual health and digestive function
Blend of Botanical ExtractsBlend of Botanical Extracts
Blend of rooibos, chestnut, oregano, capsicum & cinnamon extract which serve as natural antioxidants to support protection of cells from damage caused by potentially harmful molecules
Chia seeds, linseeds & marine algaeChia seeds, linseeds & marine algae
Natural source of fatty acids to help achieve an ideal balance of Omega -6 and -3 fatty acids for skin, coat and cognitive health
To support heart health and fat metabolism
Lokuno No Grain Ingredients
Lokuno No Grain superfood.
Lokuno No Grain does not include.

Feeding guide

These recommended amounts are for average conditions. Your dog's requirements may vary according to its breed, age, size, activity and environment. Always ensure that your dog has free access to plenty of fresh, clean water - especially during very hot weather. Any eating disorder should be referred to your dog's veterinarian without hesitation. If you require further information on feeding and care, please contact us:

Feeding guide table for Lokuno No Grain dog food.
30% protein. 18% fat. Superfood Superior Quality No artificial colourants or flavourants added.Made in South Africa.