Weight ControlVeterinary Diet

Complete and balanced nutrition for dogs.

Complete and balance nutrition for dogs who need assistance with weight management.

Ensure your companion stays healthy for as long as possible. Key nutrients for weight management, such as L-Carnitine, Taurine, Chicory fibre and Conjugated Linoleic acid are provided by this Lokuno Veterinary diet.

* All quantities shown are per 1000 grams

Lokuno Vet Metabolic Dog Food Nutrients


Weight managementWeight management
Taurine, L-Carnitine and Conjugated linoleic acid supports fat metabolism and utilisation to help keep weight at a healthy level.
High fibre and low fat dietHigh fibre & low fat diet
Increased dietary fibre levels support gut health while aiding in satiety, keeping your companion feeling full for longer.
Calorie consciousCalorie conscious
Lowered crude fat allows for management of calorie intake to support a reduction in unwanted weight gain.
Lokuno Vet Metabolic Ingredients

Feeding guide

These recommended amounts are for average conditions. Your dog's requirements may vary according to its breed, age, size, activity and environment. Always ensure that your dog has free access to plenty of fresh, clean water - especially during very hot weather. Any eating disorder should be referred to your dog's veterinarian without hesitation. If you require further information on feeding and care, please contact us: hello@lokuno.co.za.

Feeding guide table for Lokuno Vet Metabolic dog food.
Optimal Weight Recommended by Vets Made in South Africa. No artificial colourants or flavourants. Value for Money No. 1 Ingredient is Chicken
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